Soon it will be the 100th anniversary of The Beatles formation and rise to fame. And although some of the members have now died, they are still not only historically relevant, but also still a large part of modern music. If it weren’t for The Beatles, many bands wouldn’t exist. Likewise, without what they did for music, there would be many different genres that did not have the influence of one of the greatest groups of all time.

What is interesting about the band is that they were able to influence so many genres of music while respecting the genres from which they were formed. The best example of this is the blues and rock artists of England.

Old meets new

What the centennial means is the documentation of The Beatles and their impact on popular music for the past 100 years. Think about the world of music and how different it would be without the influence of The Beatles. Hundreds, maybe thousands of bands would not exist, and in some way the music landscape would be much different.

We celebrate The Beatles not only for their impact on music but their achievements throughout the artistic timeline. Music is all about taking what has been done and adapting it to the changing artistic landscape. And while there have been may influential bands throughout the years, it is arguable that The Beatles did the most for music of all time.


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