What makes The Beatles such a compelling band is not only their contribution to music, but also culture as well. In addition to changing the face of music, they were also a large part of the counterculture of the late sixties and early seventies, when the world was changing its view. The most notable is the hippie movement of the United States, to which The Beatles as a group had strong opinions.

And although they were never technically part of the counterculture of the United States, they helped influence a large and powerful generation. The sixties in the US was a time of political unrest and redefining what it meant to be an American, and The Beatles were part of that ebb and flow.

A worldwide influence

Most Americans, do not know much about the counterculture of England, but The Beatles were so globally popular that they helped influence that too. What Americans remember is the talk about drug use and anti-oppression views that The Beatles had, and that resonated with the United States and the rest of the world.

Perhaps what made the band so popular was not only the music that they played, but the time during which they played it. There is a loose connection between groundbreaking music and social turmoil, and there was no shortage of both during the time in which The Beatles rose to fame.

Counterculture and music are very closely related, and The Beatles are the perfect example of how one feeds off the other.

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