In recent posts, I mainly spoke of The Beatles and their impact on music. Today, I want to cover a broader topic on music: how it affects us as humans. Music has been a part of humanity since ancient times, and is a natural expression of our need to share our experiences with those around us. As social beings, we have always counted on the wisdom of others to help us better ourselves as a species.

From Mozart to Nickelback, music speaks to each individual differently and helps us understand the world as well as each others. In terms of connecting with others, there is no better way to do it than in a song.

A primal instinct

Every creature in nature has a way of communicating with each others, and humans are only slightly different. Most animal communication is based on a biological imperative, in which we must be able to find one another in the vast expanse of nature. Music is essentially communication not out of necessity, but also entertainment.

Music allows us to separate ourselves from the beasts, who only communicate out of necessity. Music shows us that we have evolved so highly, that we can now use communication in a way in which it may not have been biologically intended. We are able to step outside of the fear of being alone in the world and share our experiences though the wonderful art of music. The next time you hear your favorite song, think about how many biological steps it took for you to hear it.

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