Music has long been a way for us to connect with one another and explain the world around us. No matter the type of music, it shares the same power in making us feel like one with the earth and one another. Depending on the genre, it can even evoke specific emotions, which are scientifically connected to the different parts of the brain.

For example, it has been documented that playing classical music around children can increase brain activity and lead to faster cerebral development. Conversely, playing heavy metal has also shown to increase the flow of adrenaline in the body. But rock music is special in that it evokes so many human emotions inn unthinkable ways.

The power of rock

Rock music has been shown to increase the level of oxytocin released in the body, which is the hormone largely connected to happiness and togetherness. What this means, is that certain types of rock music, it is important to distinguish this because there are a wide variety of genres that fall under the umbrella of rock music, can actually make somebody happier chemically, much like that of human contact.

What many people realized when listening to rock music, is that they feel a sort of calm and connectivity to the world around them. The Beatles are one of the bands that have been shown to increase oxytocin in the brain of both adults and children, enriching their lives in ways that music scholars never thought imaginable. So listen up!

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