As someone who has attended a great deal of music festivals in my day, I can tell you that there is nothing quite like the sun on your face, the sound of music, and interesting people as far as the eye can see. As far as getting value for bands seen, few things compare to the value not only monetarily, but socially to that of a good music festival.

That said, it is not all sunshine and rainbows. And while there is quite a bit of sunshine, there is something that a lot of people don’t realize about festivals, and that is that it is very rigorous on the body as well as the mind. Depending on where the festival is, it could be hot as Hades or cold as the Arctic.

While visiting a company of a friend of mine, http://www.chesapeakehvacs.com/furnace-ac-repair-chesapeake/, I found out that in the world of heating and cooling, there is more to it than simple temperature control, but rather a way in which we can control our environment through certain practices, highlighted here: http://www.chesapeakehvacs.com/furnace-repair-installation/.

An odd connection

This may seem like a stretch, but after talking to someone in the heating and cooling industry, I found out that air conditioning and heating are both things that can be adopted at festivals. I was so enthralled by the conversation on heating, that I asked him about cooling, only to find out that he had experience in cooling homes, but also smaller vehicles and domiciles, like those used for camping and traveling.

After reading http://www.chesapeakehvacs.com/ac-repair-installation/, I began to understand how heating and cooling was integral to the part of the country in which he operated. Knowing how these things worked allowed me to get valuable information on how to stay cool or warm during the festival season. Small units, different sleeping arrangements, and a few extra dollars and I was spending my festival season in style, at the right body temperature at all times.


We may think that the world of heating and cooling is simple, and in some ways it is. What we need to understand, is that we can apply these same rules to every aspect of our lives.

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