For many, The Beatles represented a changing of the guard in terms of popular music, especially rock music. In some ways, they represented the marriage between rock music and popular music. They had the ability to appeal to a wide variety of audiences and brought something new to the genre of rock music. They went from hard to tame, from edgy to subdued, all within moments, which really spoke to many people.

In some ways, there hasn’t been a band since, which leads me to the question, is rock dead? Rock music in today’s world is much different than rock music of the past. It is more aggressive and less poppy, and often defined in different terms such as alternative or heavy metal. But the real thing is that the mechanics are different, and the rock we once knew is rarely seen.

So what now?

Rock may be dead, but what it is doing is ushering in a different age of music in which genres are being redefined. Rock may have given way to other forms of innovation, and soon there will be a new Beatles (perhaps) that help bridge more gaps between genres and change the way we see and hear music.

Art is something that is always changing, being redefined. The Beatles played a crucial role in how music was defined during the 20th century, and in the 21st, their influence still holds true, but is not as influential to new bands as it once was. Where will music go next?

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