Whether it be the Beatles or any other of your favorite bands, there is one thing that is for sure, that music speaks to us in a number of ways. Much like visual art, music is a sonic experience that helps us connect with others and explain the world around us. Without music, our lives would be much less joyful, which is why even people that do not follow music enjoy listening to it.

The best part of the ways in which music speaks to us is that it speaks to each person individually. When it comes to taste, it is difficult for some to believe that someone wouldn’t like a band. Even The Beatles have people that do not enjoy their music, simply because it speaks to them differently than it speaks to a lot of others. This is called diversity.

No wrong answer

Being human is all about embracing what makes us diverse. If everyone looked the same, acted the same, and liked the same music, there would be less divergence in how we relate to our fellow person. The reason music is such a great form of art is because it creates differences in opinion, which people can then discuss and help them understand one another.

So joyful is our world that there is music of all types, and people that like these types of music. By understanding that people having different taste is what makes us human, we can better begin to understand the wonderful diversity that makes us human and lovers of music.

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