The Beatles are good for many reasons. They represent the marriage between pop music and rock, and they also draw from a wide variety of music from different countries. On any given album, you will find influence from a number of cultures and hear instruments that you may not hear in other forms of English music. In a way, they are a universal band that pretty much anybody can find something they like.

Around when the world started to become more culturally universal, and The Beatles were in the center of the artistic movement to make music more inclusive. Most notably, the music of India is reflected in their music. A large number of tracks feature the sitar, especially on their most famous album the White Album.

Something for everyone

Essentially a band that everyone can find joy in, The Beatles are unlike any band in history. With people having such different tastes, it is difficult to find a band that pretty much everyone can agree that they like. The reason for this is their world influence and pop sensibility. No matter what kind of music you listen to normally, The Beatles incorporate some of its elements.

Celebrating The Beatles is something that everyone can get behind, solidifying their place in the annuls of music history. What makes them great is the same thing that unites people from around the world in art and culture. Join us in celebrating one of the best bands of all time and celebrating our joy of music culture.

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