It is easy to take all of history at face value and hold your idols in high regard. If you have ever met your idols, you have probably realized that they are just people and that the illusion of their glory is often better than the reality. This is also the case with The Beatles, who have a lot of rumors behind them and a lot of mystery actually.

There are rumors that every member of the band has skeletons in their closets, I’m sure you’ve heard some of them, but there is the question on whether people choose to believe it. Without getting into the specifics, many of these rumors have been proven or disproven, but the point is that nobody ever really knows.

History’s mysteries

Some of this information will never be known to the general public, and this is better in a lot of the ways. We often forget that even legends in music, art, and any other area of life, that the people perpetuating these feats are still just humans. Think of the mistakes that you’ve made and think of how difficult it would be to hide them if you were constantly in the public’s eye.

Whether we choose to blame the stars for their mistakes or ignore them there is always the question of should our idols be held to different standards than the average person. By answering this, we being to question what it means to be a star and what it means to be a normal person.

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