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Questioning History

It is easy to take all of history at face value and hold your idols in high regard. If you have ever met your idols, you have probably realized that they are just people and that the illusion of their glory is often better than the reality. This is also the case with The Beatles, who have a lot of rumors behind them and a lot of mystery actually.

There are rumors that every member of the band has skeletons in their closets, I’m sure you’ve heard some of them, but there is the question on whether people choose to believe it. Without getting into the specifics, many of these rumors have been proven or disproven, but the point is that nobody ever really knows.

History’s mysteries

Some of this information will never be known to the general public, and this is better in a lot of the ways. We often forget that even legends in music, art, and any other area of life, that the people perpetuating these feats are still just humans. Think of the mistakes that you’ve made and think of how difficult it would be to hide them if you were constantly in the public’s eye.

Whether we choose to blame the stars for their mistakes or ignore them there is always the question of should our idols be held to different standards than the average person. By answering this, we being to question what it means to be a star and what it means to be a normal person.

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Professional Grade

When it comes to anything, whether it be music or pool repair, there is no substitute for professional grade work. What do I mean by this? I mean a level of competence and quality that one can expect every time, no matter which pool, which album, or which area is being serviced. Professional grade means getting the job done right the first time and having the effects last. Take for example, one of my former clients, Perfect Pool Repair. They might not have Beatles level fame, but they are one of the best companies in the area for a number of pool repair services.

Take for example, pool pump repair. Their service in this department is second to none, and not every company has the ability to repair pool pumps in quite the same way. Pool pumps are the hardest working part on a pool, which means they are often the first to go when something needs to be replaced. It is this stress on the machinery that causes it to burn out and what made the company specialize in repairing this certain part. When it comes to being the best, it takes a level of expertise in order to establish your place in the industry.

Excelling at the job

The greats in any industry have a similar style, being the best at what they do. No matter the profession, there is something to be said about groups that get the job done. Whether it is pool repair or entertaining fans, people recognize greatness and gravitate toward those people. Fixing a pool may not be the same as performing in front of thousands of people, but there is something to be said about quality work in any field.

Perhaps that is why the greatest people of all time are recognized as such. The greatest musicians or the greatest pool repair professionals have one thing in common

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Worldly influence


The Beatles are good for many reasons. They represent the marriage between pop music and rock, and they also draw from a wide variety of music from different countries. On any given album, you will find influence from a number of cultures and hear instruments that you may not hear in other forms of English music. In a way, they are a universal band that pretty much anybody can find something they like.

Around when the world started to become more culturally universal, and The Beatles were in the center of the artistic movement to make music more inclusive. Most notably, the music of India is reflected in their music. A large number of tracks feature the sitar, especially on their most famous album the White Album.

Something for everyone

Essentially a band that everyone can find joy in, The Beatles are unlike any band in history. With people having such different tastes, it is difficult to find a band that pretty much everyone can agree that they like. The reason for this is their world influence and pop sensibility. No matter what kind of music you listen to normally, The Beatles incorporate some of its elements.

Celebrating The Beatles is something that everyone can get behind, solidifying their place in the annuls of music history. What makes them great is the same thing that unites people from around the world in art and culture. Join us in celebrating one of the best bands of all time and celebrating our joy of music culture.

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How music speaks to us


Whether it be the Beatles or any other of your favorite bands, there is one thing that is for sure, that music speaks to us in a number of ways. Much like visual art, music is a sonic experience that helps us connect with others and explain the world around us. Without music, our lives would be much less joyful, which is why even people that do not follow music enjoy listening to it.

The best part of the ways in which music speaks to us is that it speaks to each person individually. When it comes to taste, it is difficult for some to believe that someone wouldn’t like a band. Even The Beatles have people that do not enjoy their music, simply because it speaks to them differently than it speaks to a lot of others. This is called diversity.

No wrong answer

Being human is all about embracing what makes us diverse. If everyone looked the same, acted the same, and liked the same music, there would be less divergence in how we relate to our fellow person. The reason music is such a great form of art is because it creates differences in opinion, which people can then discuss and help them understand one another.

So joyful is our world that there is music of all types, and people that like these types of music. By understanding that people having different taste is what makes us human, we can better begin to understand the wonderful diversity that makes us human and lovers of music.

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Is rock dead?


For many, The Beatles represented a changing of the guard in terms of popular music, especially rock music. In some ways, they represented the marriage between rock music and popular music. They had the ability to appeal to a wide variety of audiences and brought something new to the genre of rock music. They went from hard to tame, from edgy to subdued, all within moments, which really spoke to many people.

In some ways, there hasn’t been a band since, which leads me to the question, is rock dead? Rock music in today’s world is much different than rock music of the past. It is more aggressive and less poppy, and often defined in different terms such as alternative or heavy metal. But the real thing is that the mechanics are different, and the rock we once knew is rarely seen.

So what now?

Rock may be dead, but what it is doing is ushering in a different age of music in which genres are being redefined. Rock may have given way to other forms of innovation, and soon there will be a new Beatles (perhaps) that help bridge more gaps between genres and change the way we see and hear music.

Art is something that is always changing, being redefined. The Beatles played a crucial role in how music was defined during the 20th century, and in the 21st, their influence still holds true, but is not as influential to new bands as it once was. Where will music go next?

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The full festival experience


As someone who has attended a great deal of music festivals in my day, I can tell you that there is nothing quite like the sun on your face, the sound of music, and interesting people as far as the eye can see. As far as getting value for bands seen, few things compare to the value not only monetarily, but socially to that of a good music festival.

That said, it is not all sunshine and rainbows. And while there is quite a bit of sunshine, there is something that a lot of people don’t realize about festivals, and that is that it is very rigorous on the body as well as the mind. Depending on where the festival is, it could be hot as Hades or cold as the Arctic.

While visiting a company of a friend of mine,, I found out that in the world of heating and cooling, there is more to it than simple temperature control, but rather a way in which we can control our environment through certain practices, highlighted here:

An odd connection

This may seem like a stretch, but after talking to someone in the heating and cooling industry, I found out that air conditioning and heating are both things that can be adopted at festivals. I was so enthralled by the conversation on heating, that I asked him about cooling, only to find out that he had experience in cooling homes, but also smaller vehicles and domiciles, like those used for camping and traveling.

After reading, I began to understand how heating and cooling was integral to the part of the country in which he operated. Knowing how these things worked allowed me to get valuable information on how to stay cool or warm during the festival season. Small units, different sleeping arrangements, and a few extra dollars and I was spending my festival season in style, at the right body temperature at all times.


We may think that the world of heating and cooling is simple, and in some ways it is. What we need to understand, is that we can apply these same rules to every aspect of our lives.

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The nature of rock music


Music has long been a way for us to connect with one another and explain the world around us. No matter the type of music, it shares the same power in making us feel like one with the earth and one another. Depending on the genre, it can even evoke specific emotions, which are scientifically connected to the different parts of the brain.

For example, it has been documented that playing classical music around children can increase brain activity and lead to faster cerebral development. Conversely, playing heavy metal has also shown to increase the flow of adrenaline in the body. But rock music is special in that it evokes so many human emotions inn unthinkable ways.

The power of rock

Rock music has been shown to increase the level of oxytocin released in the body, which is the hormone largely connected to happiness and togetherness. What this means, is that certain types of rock music, it is important to distinguish this because there are a wide variety of genres that fall under the umbrella of rock music, can actually make somebody happier chemically, much like that of human contact.

What many people realized when listening to rock music, is that they feel a sort of calm and connectivity to the world around them. The Beatles are one of the bands that have been shown to increase oxytocin in the brain of both adults and children, enriching their lives in ways that music scholars never thought imaginable. So listen up!

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How music speaks to us


In recent posts, I mainly spoke of The Beatles and their impact on music. Today, I want to cover a broader topic on music: how it affects us as humans. Music has been a part of humanity since ancient times, and is a natural expression of our need to share our experiences with those around us. As social beings, we have always counted on the wisdom of others to help us better ourselves as a species.

From Mozart to Nickelback, music speaks to each individual differently and helps us understand the world as well as each others. In terms of connecting with others, there is no better way to do it than in a song.

A primal instinct

Every creature in nature has a way of communicating with each others, and humans are only slightly different. Most animal communication is based on a biological imperative, in which we must be able to find one another in the vast expanse of nature. Music is essentially communication not out of necessity, but also entertainment.

Music allows us to separate ourselves from the beasts, who only communicate out of necessity. Music shows us that we have evolved so highly, that we can now use communication in a way in which it may not have been biologically intended. We are able to step outside of the fear of being alone in the world and share our experiences though the wonderful art of music. The next time you hear your favorite song, think about how many biological steps it took for you to hear it.

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The Beatles and counterculture


What makes The Beatles such a compelling band is not only their contribution to music, but also culture as well. In addition to changing the face of music, they were also a large part of the counterculture of the late sixties and early seventies, when the world was changing its view. The most notable is the hippie movement of the United States, to which The Beatles as a group had strong opinions.

And although they were never technically part of the counterculture of the United States, they helped influence a large and powerful generation. The sixties in the US was a time of political unrest and redefining what it meant to be an American, and The Beatles were part of that ebb and flow.

A worldwide influence

Most Americans, do not know much about the counterculture of England, but The Beatles were so globally popular that they helped influence that too. What Americans remember is the talk about drug use and anti-oppression views that The Beatles had, and that resonated with the United States and the rest of the world.

Perhaps what made the band so popular was not only the music that they played, but the time during which they played it. There is a loose connection between groundbreaking music and social turmoil, and there was no shortage of both during the time in which The Beatles rose to fame.

Counterculture and music are very closely related, and The Beatles are the perfect example of how one feeds off the other.

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Celebrating 100 years of The Beatles


Soon it will be the 100th anniversary of The Beatles formation and rise to fame. And although some of the members have now died, they are still not only historically relevant, but also still a large part of modern music. If it weren’t for The Beatles, many bands wouldn’t exist. Likewise, without what they did for music, there would be many different genres that did not have the influence of one of the greatest groups of all time.

What is interesting about the band is that they were able to influence so many genres of music while respecting the genres from which they were formed. The best example of this is the blues and rock artists of England.

Old meets new

What the centennial means is the documentation of The Beatles and their impact on popular music for the past 100 years. Think about the world of music and how different it would be without the influence of The Beatles. Hundreds, maybe thousands of bands would not exist, and in some way the music landscape would be much different.

We celebrate The Beatles not only for their impact on music but their achievements throughout the artistic timeline. Music is all about taking what has been done and adapting it to the changing artistic landscape. And while there have been may influential bands throughout the years, it is arguable that The Beatles did the most for music of all time.


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